JCM Global Partnership (JCM GP)

JCM Global Partnership (JCM GP)

Contribution to SDGs

Promoting Sustainable Development through the JCM

Bilateral documents and the rules of implementation of the JCM concluded between Japan and the partner countries stipulate that the JCM should contribute towards sustainable development. In order to promote JCM's contribution to the SDGs, Japan and partner countries are working on introducing sustainable development contribution guidelines of JCM projects, analyzing the JCM’s impact for SDGs, and incorporating SDGs in the process of adoption and implementation of JCM Model Projects.

JCM Guidelines for Sustainable Development Contribution Plan

Mongolia and Indonesia have introduced the guidelines to ensure JCM’s contribution towards sustainable development and the Planning/Reporting system to evaluate JCM’s contribution to the SDGs.
JCM Guidelines for Developing Sustainable Development Contribution Plan and Report (Mongolia)
JCM Guidelines for Developing Sustainable Development Implementation Plan and Report (Indonesia)

Case Studies and Analysis of JCM Projects on Contribution to Sustainable Development

This report is the first publication to analyze the inter-linkage between JCM and SDGs and aims to clarify how the JCM contributes to SDGs targets. The JCM projects are mainly developed between a Japanese company and a local company in the partner country; therefore, we included interviews from those companies participating in the JCM in order to give a private sector perspective.
- JCM contributions to SDGs (MOEJ/IGES)

JCM-SDGs linkage guidance can be utilized to identify and analyse how the JCM projects contribute to achieving the SDGs. It shows linkages between JCM project types and SDG Targets. Measuring JCM project contributions to the SDGs would support a company’s internal communication and decision-making towards integration of the SDGs and business strategy. Furthermore, the JCM can be a strategic tool for building new business strategy centred on the SDGs concept.
- JCM and SDGs Linkage Guidance (MOEJ/IGES)

Guideline on Gender Equality for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

MOEJ has formulated the "Guideline on Gender Equality for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)" with the aim of encouraging mainly the projects participants of the JCM Model Projects to take action toward gender equality.
This guideline shows the actions to be taken at all the stages of the project cycle (planning, implementation, and monitoring) to realize gender equality.
- Guideline on Gender Equality for the JCM (Press Release by MOEJ)
- Guideline on Gender Equality for the JCM (PDF) (MOEJ)

JCM Good Practices

Focusing on GHG emission reduction and co-benefits generation through JCM projects, good practices of JCM which contribute to the NDC implementation and the SDGs achievement are introduced in the column page of Carbon Markets Express.
- Column on JCM Good Practices [Webpage] / [Facebook page]