UNFCCC SB46 Side Event in Bonn, Germany


"Achievements and current progress of the JCM"
- Cooperative Approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement -

Japan and 17 partner countries are cooperatively developing and implementing the JCM, which is an international market based mechanism in active operation. Also, use of market mechanisms, including the JCM, is articulated under Paris Agreement Article 6 which prescribes for the use of emission reductions realized overseas towards national emission reduction targets. The recent progress, achievements and expectations on the implementation of the JCM were reported and discussed.

In addition, updates on UNFCCC discussion on market mechanism was introduced by Mr. Niclas Svenningsen from UNFCCC secretariat. The event was attended by around 30 participants including but not limited to government officials and experts.



Tuesday, 16 May 2017 - 13:15-14:45



Lounge, Art- and Exhibition Hall, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle (9min walk from World Conference Center Bonn)



The Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ), the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)







Facilitator: Mr. Jiro Ogahara, Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)

Presentation session

13:15-13:45 "Updates on UNFCCC discussion on market mechanism"
Mr. Niclas Svenningsen, UNFCCC Secretariat
"The JCM: Achievements and Recent Progress of Project Implementation"
Mr. Kazuhisa Koakutsu, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)
Discussion session
13:45-14:25 Progress and prospects of the JCM
Facilitator: Mr. Jiro Ogahara, OECC
Discussants from JCM partner countries:
- Mr. Felipe de Leon, Costa Rica
- Eng. Omedi Moses Jura, Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources, Kenya
- Ms. Lorraine Rivera, Ministry of Finance, Palau
- Mr. Albert Magalang, Environmental Management Bureau, the Philippines
- Mr. Kazuhisa Koakutsu, MOEJ
Q&A (14:25 – 14:35)



Exhibition Booth

The OECC displayed the recent information materials related to the JCM at the UNFCCC SB46 exhibition booth and TEM-M Collaboration Forum in Bonn, Germany. The electronic publications are available atthe UNFCCC website.


Exhibition Booth


Monday, 8 May - Saturday, 13 May 2017 (1st week of the SB46)



Rhine Level, World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB)


TEM-M Collaboration Forum

The technical expert meeting on mitigation (TEM-M) took place from 8 to 12 May, during the SB46.

TEM-M collaboration forum scheduled on 11 May intended to provide national, regional and city governments with a forum to interact with international organizations and representative from the private sector on support and collaboration opportunities for implementing climate actions. The OECC showcased our work related to the JCM through poster presentation.



Thursday, 11 May 13:00-15:00



Club Lounge, World Conference Center Bonn