Carbon Expo 2012: Outcome Report

Carbon Expo 2012

Outcome Report: Exposition on Japan’s Bilateral and Domestic Credit Offset Mechanisms

The Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC) held an exposition on Japan’s Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanisms (BOCM) and Offset Credit(or Japan’s Verified Emission Reduction (J-VER)) Scheme at the Carbon Expo 2012 in Cologne, Germany from May 30th to June 1st. We were delighted to welcome approximately 200 visitors at our booth and have fruitful exchanges of information with them during the three days of the event.


The participation in the Carbon Expo 2012 is part of activities of the New Mechanisms Information Platform, a program of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)


Questions and Opinions of the Visitors

Regarding Japan’s Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanisms (BOCM)


  • – Development status of the BOCM within the Government of Japan
  • – Development status of bilateral negotiations on the BOCM
  • – Expected prices of BOCM credits, fungibility with other markets, potential buyers of credits, estimated issuance amount of credits
  • – Differences between the BOCM and the CDM
  • – Details and development status of BOCM methodologies
  • – Potential verification bodies of the BOCM
  • – Possibility for entities of host/third-party countries to be involved in BOCM projects
  • – Registration procedures of BOCM projects
  • – Existence of financial support from the Japanese government for feasibility studies and/or project implementation
  • – Possible modalities of the Registry system of BOCM
  • – Whether the Japanese government will continue to purchase CERs after the BOCM has been established (and if that is the case, the ratio of the two credits)
  • – Request for capacity building in Africa, Central America, and Small Island Developing States


Regarding Japan’s carbon offset initiative


  • – Basic structure of Japan Carbon Offsetting Scheme as well as Offset Credit (J-VER) Scheme
  • – Market size and trend of credit prices
  • – Relationships between the domestic schemes and the BOCM
  • – Relationships with similar domestic schemes, such as the Japan Domestic Credit Scheme and the JVETS (Japan’s Voluntary Emissions Trading Scheme)
  • – J-VER methodologies
  • – Request for an English version of Regulations for J-VER Scheme
  • – Details of the J-VER methodologies in the forestry sector
  • – Importance of Japan Carbon Offsetting Scheme and J-VER Scheme within Japan’s policy
  • – Future prospect of the domestic credit schemes (potential unification of the J-VER and the Japan Domestic Credit Scheme)
  • – Roles of validation/verification bodies in Japan Carbon Offsetting Scheme and J-VER Scheme