COP17: Reports of OECC's Exhibition & Other Side Events

UNFCCC COP17 & CMP7 in Durban, South Africa

Reports of OECC’s Exhibition & Other Side Events

Side Events have been organized as a platform for Parties, UN agencies, and observer organizations to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences. Side Events are a vital component of the sessions, as they provide opportunities for information dissemination, capacity building, policy discussions and legitimizing global governance.


COP17 has hosted more than 130 side events at the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC) and parallel side events have been organized in hotels and other facilities near the DEC.


Side events covered areas including Mitigation, Adaptation, market mechanisms, GHG inventory, scientific and technological matters, and support through finance, technology, and capacity-building etc., and there have been Governments representatives, multilateral and bilateral organizations representatives, researchers from think tanks, universities and other research organizations, NGOs and other social organizations, representatives from the private sector, students, etc.


The DEC also provided the space to host organizations’ booths during these two weeks.


As it is already customary in this kind of events, OECC has organized both, a Side Event and an exhibition in a booth at the COP17.


OECC’s exhibition

OECC booth served as a space to disseminate Japan’s policies in relation to international environmental support, namely the Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism (BOCM), and also to show OECC’s activities in relation to supporting of BOCM and capacity building activities.


In this opportunity, the booth has been shared with the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEE) and also with the Environmental Policy Department of Shiga Prefecture.


In average, the booth has attracted nearly 300 people with different kind of interests, starting from BOCM and Japan’s support activities, the co-benefits approach, the possibility to start activities with Japan, to capacity building activities, etc.


As for OECC’s Side Event, due to an increasing interest on the Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism, the event which has been chaired by Prof. T. Hiraishi from IPCC, attracted more than 70 people.


Reports of Other Side Events


Date & Time Event Title Organizer
Nov. 30, 2011
Global Environment Facility


Report of Side Event