Carbon Expo 2013: Outcome Report

Carbon Expo 2013

Outcome Report: Exposition on Japan’s Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)/Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism (BOCM)

The Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC) organized the exhibition booth at the Carbon Expo 2013 in Barcelona, Spain from May 29th to 31st. We were delighted to welcome nearly 150 visitors (incl. stakeholders from project participant, consultant, government, international organization, media, academia and etc.) at our booth and have fruitful exchanges of information with them during the three days of the event.


The participation in the Carbon Expo 2013 is part of activities of the New Mechanisms Information Platform, a program of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ).


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Questions and Opinions of the Visitors

Regarding Japan’s Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

  • – Development status of the JCM/BOCM
  • – Development status of bilateral negotiations on the JCM/BOCM
  • – Expected prices of JCM/BOCM credits and fungibility with other markets
  • – Differences between the JCM/BOCM and the CDM
  • – Potential verification bodies of the JCM/BOCM
  • – Details and development status of the JCM/BOCM methodologies and potential project types
  • – Details of support from Japanese side
  • – Future of the JCM/BOCM develoment and transition period to the “tradable” credit mechanism


Other items

  • – Current status of Japan Carbon Offsetting Scheme as well as Offset Credit (J-VER) Scheme
  • – Market size and trend of J-VER credit prices
  • – Current trend of credit purchase by Japanese entities
  • – Japan’s position and efforts for REDD+ issues