Joint Crediting Mechanism

Support Programme by Government of Japan

JCM Financing Programmes by Ministry of the Environment, Japan

The Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) implements the JCM financing programmes in order to promote the implementation of projects which reduce GHG emissions through diffusion of leading low carbon technologies etc. in developing countries on the premises of delivering the issued JCM credits to the Government of Japan.

JCM Financing Programmes(Link: Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) Website)

In addition, 1) Feasibility Study Programmes to find project seeds and to develop a tangible plan for GHG emission reduction projects, and 2) Capacity Building Programmes to enhance capacities to implement MRV for GHG emission reductions (Link: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Website), were conducted in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Small Island countries. As a one-stop portal to gather JCM information of JCM partner countries and release recent initiatives of Japan, the New Mechanisms Information Platform was launched in 2011, which was completely migrated to the Carbon Markets Express website in October 2017. The Carbon Markets Express website also welcomes questions and comments from international stakeholders, including those who are interested in conducting mitigation activities using the JCM.

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List of selected projects and studies under JCM support programme

The list of selected projects and studies under the JCM support programme by the Government of Japan is available here.

JCM registry system for Japan

Information on JCM registry system for Japan is available here. (JCM Registry System)