SB42: Reports of Other Side Events

UNFCCC SB42 in Bonn, Germany

Reports of Other Side Events

Side Events have been organized as a platform for Parties, UN agencies, and observer organizations to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences. Side Events are a vital component of the sessions, as they provide opportunities for information dissemination, capacity building, policy discussions and legitimizing global governance.

Side events covered areas including mitigation, adaptation, market mechanisms, GHG inventory, scientific and technological matters, and support through finance, technology and capacity-building. The organizers and participants include Governments representatives, multilateral and bilateral organizations representatives, researchers from think tanks, universities and other research organizations, NGOs and other social organizations, representatives from the private sector and students.

These are reports of side events held at the 42th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies of the UNFCCC (SB42) from June 1st to 11th 2015, in Bonn, Germany.


Reports of Other Side Events


Date & Time Event Title Organizer(s)
June 2, 2015
June 5, 2015
18:30-20:00, RIVM


Report of Side Event