SB40: Side Event


Outcome Report of Side Event
“Supporting Mitigation Actions in Developing Countries – Promotion of the JCM, NAMAs and Other Initiatives”

This SB40 side event featured the Japanese government’s initiatives to support developing countries’ efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, including the promotion of the Joint Crediting Mechanisms (JCM) and NAMAs. The event brought an opportunity to introduce support programmes to develop the JCM projects as well as the capacity building cooperation activities for the development of NAMAs in Asia.


The Event was attended by more than 30 participants. During the question and answer session, there were questions and comments in relation to the incentives of joining the JCM, the relationship between the JCM and NAMAs and the position of the JCM in the international negotiations in the context of Framework of various approaches (FVA).



Thu. 5 June 2014 – 15:00-16:30



WIND – Ministry of Environment, Bonn, Germany



The Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ), the Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC), and the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)



15:00-15:05 Opening remarks
by Mr. Tomokatsu Kitagawa, Senior Vice-Minister of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)
Part 1: Update and examples of Japan’s initiatives to support developing countries efforts.
15:35-15:45 Q&A
Part 2: Introduction of JCM support programmes and the link with NAMAs
16:15-16:25 Q&A
16:25-16:30 Closing