Project aims for synergy with food and energy production


Farmland Corporation, as part of the JCM Model Project, has built a 3 MW solar power plant in Malvilla, Valparaiso, Chile, making effective use of farmland where white grapes are not produced, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching from grid electricity that includes thermal power generation using fossil fuels, and to improve farmers' income through the sale of electricity. In addition, Research Institutes under Ministry of Agriculture in Maule will build a solar farm🄬 platform to implement solar power generation while growing blueberries, promoting a business model that combines food production and energy production.
The company will participate in the PMGD (Pequenos Medios de Generacion Distribuida) programme set up by the Chilean Government to connect to electricity distribution companies and sell electricity, thereby contributing to the achievement of Chile's 100% 2050 decarbonisation policy, in addition to increasing farmers' income.