• New Mechanisms Express No.9- The New Mechanisms to Be Launched Soon -


    Special Report 1. COP19 and activities for the JCM
    Special Report 2. Activities for the JCM between Japan and Indonesia
    Event Reports: Carbon Forum Asia 2013, IGES side event at Smart City Week 2013
    New Mechanisms Information Platform:
    JCM guidelines for and JC first meeting reports of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Kenya Reports of COP19 side event
  • New Mechanisms Express No.8- The New Mechanisms to Be Launched Soon -


    Special Report 1. JCM signing status and features
    Special Report 2. Adoption of “JCM Model Projects” and “JCM Project Planning, Methodology Demonstration, and Feasibility Studies” for the Fiscal Year 2013
    Event Reports: SB38 and Carbon Expo 2013
    New Mechanisms Information Platform: Update JCM web page and SB38
  • New Mechanisms Express No.7- The New Mechanisms to Be Launched Soon -


    Special Report 1. First JCM agreement signed by Mongolia and Japan
    Special Report 2. Side event jointly organized by Vietnam and Japan at COP18
    Special Report 3. Capacity building for NAMAs development and MRV implementation -Workshops on environmentally sound technologies in partner developing countries-
    Event Reports: Study Tour in Japan on policies for the development, implementation and management of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in Vietnam
    New Mechanisms Information Platform: COP18 side event reports