Ethiopia: Introduction of Biomass CHP Plant in Flooring Factory [Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.]


JCM’s first biomass project has been launched in Ethiopia rich in bamboo.


A bamboo flooring plant is under construction at the Hawassa Industrial Park located about 270km south from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia – this new plant starting its operation in 2019 will be equipped with a biomass co-generation system which recycles by-produced bamboo residue in the manufacturing process as the feedstock to generate the necessary heat and electric power for the plant.


Compared with a conventional diesel fuel equipment, this system enables a drastic reduction of GHG emissions as well as mitigation of waste from the plant.


The plant is expected to be completed as a suitable building for the environmentally friendly Hawassa park, with natural ventilation, recycling of rain water and LED street lights.

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