Viet Nam: Introduction of Amorphous High Efficiency Transformers in Northern, Central and Southern Power Grids [Yuko-Keiso Co., Ltd.]


Around 12,000 units of high efficiency transformers will be introduced in Northern, Central and Southern Power Grids of Vietnam by March 2020. Local TV news in Khanh Hoa Province featured this project that has received wide attention from the Vietnamese people to the advanced low-carbon technologies introduced by the JCM.


According to the comments shot in the news, economic savings by reducing distribution losses increased the local power company’s profitability annually, with them saying “The project contributes to upgrade the quality of power distribution by reducing the frequency of accidents caused by old transformers.”


Previously, conventional transformers in Vietnam did not function well after 10 years of operation. But now, the lifetime of the introduced Amorphous transformers is between 25 and 30 years, well beyond the conventional transformers in Vietnam.

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  • As a Phase 3 project, 416 transformers have arrived at the power distribution systems in Khanh Hoa Province, located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam.