Outreach activities of “Carbon Markets Express” at COP23 Exhibit


Last October, the Secretariat of the “New Mechanisms Information Platform” has renewed its webpage and renamed as “Carbon Markets Express”. Carbon Markets Express website will be introducing the JCM, which is implemented by Japan and 17 partner countries, and carbon market activities in the world, based on the information released by the government of Japan.


Meanwhile, the renowned conference “COP23” is starting in 10 days. COP23 stands for the 23nd session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 196 countries/regions are members of the UNFCCC which stipulates the principles of climate change countermeasures and each year, they discuss detailed rules of implementation at the COP.


Tens of thousands of negotiators, researchers and NGO representatives gather at the UNFCCC’s COP. The JCM will be highlighted in various events to be held at the COP23. Also, we will deliver the updates of the JCM through posters, brochures, movies and so on.


OECC Exhibit:From 6 Nov (Mon) to 11 Nov (Sat) (1st week of the COP23)

Venue:IGES/OECC Exhibit, Exhibition Area, Bonn Zone


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  • The COP23 will be presided over by the Fijian Presidency and will take place in Bonn – Germany where the UNFCCC Secretariat is based.
  • A colorful stand-banner introducing JCM projects in the world welcomes you at the entrance of the OECC exhibit.