JCM Matching Event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


The JCM matching event which was to improve further spread and development of the JCM between Mongolian and Japanese companies was co-organized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and OECC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on October 3, 2019. From Mongolian side, finance institution, institutional investor and heat supplier attended on the event (almost 150 attendees). Local TV broadcasting and media came to report and the Japanese stakeholder introduced the JCM information and activities of the Japanese companies through the media.
The Mongolian side explained recent implementation of the JCM and expressed requests on energy efficiency project, for example the Amorphous high efficiency transformers (by Energy Regulation Committee of Mongolia).


From the Japanese side, Saisan Co., Ltd (gas heat supplier system), NGK Insulators, LTD (large capacity battery storage technology for electric power system) and NISSAN Motors corporation (electric vehicle) presented. The presentation overviews of the Japanese companies are as followings.


Saisan Co., Ltd:
Fuel Conversion by Introduction of LPG Boilers to Beverage Factory Project was selected as one of the JCM projects in this year. Saian Co., Ltd shared the experience, advantage and responsibility of the JCM with the Mongolian side and presented an introduction of LPG system in Mongolia (KFC shops, hotels in Ulaanbaatar and shopping mall etc…).


NGK Insulators, LTD:
NGK Insulators, LTD is expanding the NAS (large capacity storage battery) globally and presented a smoothing technology on renewable energy power generation through the NAS for the Mongolian government and renewable energy companies who have concern on frequency control of energy system by introduction of massive volume of renewable energy. NGK Insulators, LTD provided an information which the NAS has cold-resistance to withstand minus 40 degrees Celsius and examples of peak shifting on the renewable power energy generation and the frequency leveling of the energy system by the NAS.


NISSAN Motors corporation:
Provided information on the electric vehicles (LEAF/SYLPHY) which are not emitted air pollutant and GHG because 20% of the serious air pollution sources are caused by exhaust gas from vehicles in Ulaanbaatar. NISSAN Motors corporation also showed achievement on no accidents in the largest 430 thousand car sales in the world and utilization as distributed peak shifting power through connection with home as storage batteries.


After the presentations by the Japanese companies, the matching session was set between the Mongolian companies and Japanese companies. The Japanese companies had consultation on procedure to apply the JCM with the Mongolian companies. The event will contribute to project formation for the future.


The presentations are available here.

  • Almost 150 attendees from the Mongolian side participated in the Event!
  • Japanese stakeholder took interview.
  • Presentation by the Japanese side
  • Matching session in the afternoon