Cambodia: Introduction of High Efficiency LED Lighting Utilizing Wireless Network [MinebeaMitsumi Inc.]


MinebeaMitsumi has been awarded the Cambodia’s Minister of Environment Prize for its “High-efficiency LED Streetlight Implementation Project Utilizing Wireless Networks” financially supported by the JCM Model Project of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.


By switching to energy efficient LED lighting with wireless dimming control, the project has realized a reduction of approx. 70% of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions when compared to conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, while providing the same level of brightness.


In this project, LED lighting systems have been installed in 3 sites in Cambodia. The Cambodia’s Minister of Environment Prize was awarded to MinebeaMitsumi in recognition for its contribution in the reduction of electric power use, as well as its reduction of environmental load.

  • Image of the award ceremony for the Cambodia’s Minister of Environment Prize.
  • Site 1: Night view of Diamond Island located in central Phnom Penh. The sparkles of LED streetlights traces the periphery of the island.
  • Site 2: Commercial development area in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, which is also a commuting route for workers.
  • Site 3: LED streetlight was installed in a residential area of Siem Reap province where Angkor Wat is located.