Mexico: Introduction of Once-through Boiler and Fuel Switching to Tequila Plant [Suntory Spirits Limited]


Tequila Sauza S. de R. L. de C. V. in Mexico has promoted energy saving based on Japanese knowledge and technology. Tequila Sauza improved a heat recovery rate in the distillation process in 2016 and introduced new once-through boilers in 2017.


It is necessary to use heat energy in production plants of spirits including tequila and the boiler is essential equipment to provide the steam. Through introducing the once-through boiler using natural gas instead of existing flue boiler using oil, it realizes 30% GHG emissions reduction.


This project made the headlines of a local newspaper in Mexico. By implementing this project, Suntory Sprits Limited has built a good relationship with Tequila Sauza which is a partner participant of the JCM Model Project (*1) and Beam Suntory Inc.


(*1) Partner Participant
In order to implement JCM model project, project participants formulate an international consortium which is an association that consists of a Japanese entity and a foreign entity.
Further information is available at the GEC webpage (PDF)

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