*Canceled*[Invitation] UNFCCC COP28 JCM side event at Azerbaijan Pavilion(5th Dec. 2023)

Date and Time

5th Dec. 2023, 9:30-10:40(14:30~15:40 Japan time)


Style and venue

Style:Hybrid (In-person, online)
Venue:(In-person) Azerbaijan Pavilion at COP28 in Dubai, UAE, (Online) Zoom



Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MENR), Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and Overseas Environmental Cooperation Centre (OECC)



Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on cooperative approaches offers opportunities for countries to voluntarily cooperate to strengthen NDC implementation and promote sustainable development while ensuring environmental integrity. The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), designed and implemented consistent with Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement, defines its objective as facilitating the diffusion of leading decarbonizing technologies and implementation of mitigation actions through bilateral cooperation between Japan and partner countries. Japan and Republic of Azerbaijan signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on JCM in September 2022 to officially establish the JCM between the two countries.



Article 6 has the potential to raise ambition of mitigation actions; however, it is important to have a common understanding of its rules and opportunities and to address the challenges that each stakeholder faces. This side event will share the latest progress of the JCM, particularly the status of cooperation between Japan and Azerbaijan, and explore how the JCM can effectively promote mitigation actions and contribute to the achievement of NDC of both countries.



*The time in parentheses expresses Japan time.

Opening remarks
- Ms. Umayra Taghiyeva, Deputy minister, MENR
- Mr. Yutaka MATSUZAWA, Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
[Strategy for implementing Article 6 and expectation for the JCM]
  • ・ Azerbaijan’s NDC and strategy on Article 6
  • ・ Status of its institutional arrangement for Article 6
  • ・ Expectation for the JCM
- Ms.Aynur Mutellimova, Head, Sub-division for Climate Change, MENR
- Ms.Rana Humbatova, Head of Division, Azerbaijan State Renewable Energy Agency under Ministry of Energy
[Recent Developments of the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)]
  • ・ Japan’s NDC and the JCM
  • ・ Overall status (partners, projects, etc.)
  • ・ Japan’s support for the JCM partner countries
- Ms. Maiko UGA, Program manager for international carbon markets, Office of Director for International Cooperation for Transition to Decarbonization and Sustainable Infrastructure, MOEJ
- Mr. Takumi SAKAI, Assistant Director, Global Environmental Affairs Office, Industrial Science, Technology and Environment Policy Bureau, METI, Japan
[Perspective of JCM projects in Agriculture sector]
- Ms. Ritsuko YONEDA, Director for the Multilateral Affairs, MAFF, Japan
[Introduction to good practices of the JCM and JCM Project Development Support]
- Mr. Jun Watanabe, Researcher, OECC
Discussion, Q&A
Moderated by Mr. Wataru Tohze, Researcher, OECC


*Themes of presentations might be subject to change.


  • Azerbaijan Pavilion


Contact Information

Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)

PIC:Watanabe, Tohze

TEL:+81 (0)3-6811-2500